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Den Haag

Kirsty Boswell

Health Coach and Trainer

"I would like to say a huge thank you for your time and knowledge."

"I think you really tapped into something!"

Tapping into practical solutions to support your health and

well-being and that of your employees.

A skills trainer with a certificate in training practice, a diploma in stress management, a qualified Personal Trainer, Pilates instructor and qualified Nutrition Coach. Kirsty has a unique skill set that allows her to really understand what makes people perform at their best and how to bring the best out of groups and individuals to improve their performance in all areas of life.


Working to address the importance of well-being, fitness and healthy lifestyles to enable employees to flourish and perform at their best, Kirsty finds joy in helping to open up conversations that allow employees to feel valued and supported and enabling individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices. Ultimately resulting in employees that are the most productive and present they can be. 

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