Can you get fit in minutes?

Can you get fit in minutes?

Do you believe that to be fit you need to spend vast amounts of time exercising? Do you use lack of time as an excuse not to exercise?

If it takes an hour, 3 times a week to get fit and you have a busy week, maybe you have children to look after that prevent you from exercising at all, maybe work just got really busy and you have too many other commitments to fit it in, what do you do? Skip it? Not exercise at all? You are not alone.

Think about where you would like to be in 6 weeks time. Would you like to feel fitter, healthier and more in control of when you exercise? Would you like a choice of workouts that can fit into just 10, 20 or 30 minutes a day? Workouts that you can do at home whenever you like?

This is the thing: Our bodies are responsive to the intensity of the exercise, not the time. A 30-minute, effective workout can be just as beneficial, or even more beneficial, than an hour-long session in the gym.

How can a short workout be as effective?

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a form of interval training that involves short intervals of maximum intensity exercise separated by longer intervals of low to moderate intensity exercise or rest. Because it involves briefly pushing yourself beyond the upper end of your aerobic exercise zone, it offers you several advantages that traditional constant exercise (where you keep your heart rate within your aerobic zone) can’t provide.

When you are working for short interval periods you go all out, working the hardest you possibly can. Then you use the rest periods to recover ready for another interval. If you exercise for 10 minutes working at full intensity for 30 seconds at a time and then resting for 30 seconds you will be working at full intensity for 5 minutes. Anyone would struggle to keep this intensity up for a continuous 5 minutes of exercise but breaking it up and taking rests in between allows you to work harder and burn more fat in the process.

Other benefits include:

  • Get bored with gym workouts? HIIT workouts are constantly changing and you will complete them far quicker than any gym session.

  • Increased weight loss – many studies have shown that weight loss when interval training can be far greater than continuous training alone.

  • This type of training increases the amount of fat you can burn during exercise and afterwards because it increases the length of time it takes to recover from each exercise session. Simply put; the body’s level of oxygen consumption is raised for several hours after the exercise session has ended, you have finished training, yet you are still burning fat at an elevated rate due to the high intensity of the activity.

So you see you can get fit in minutes, if you are interested in finding out more about Fit In Minutes 10, 20 and 30 minute exercise programmes click on the link at the top of this page for your FREE consultation and fitness test or for your FREE workout and motivational strategies.

Our aim at Fit In Minutes is to provide you with daily exercise solutions, to coach you towards individual success whatever that looks like to you so that you can feel fitter, healthier and know you have a way of fitting exercise into your life.

Call us now on 07973 751190 or email We look forward to helping you be the healthiest you can be!

Kirsty x

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