Jenny's Success Story

What Jenny achieved after 6 Weeks:

40% Increase in energy levels

30% Increase in sleep satisfaction

40% Increase in ability to manage stress

60% Increase in amount of exercise

50% Increase in positive mindset


What lead you to ask for the help of a Personal Trainer?

"I needed a kick up the backside to do exercise."

What were your concerns when you began the programme?

"Time – fitting it in."

How have you overcome these concerns?

"The workouts range from 10 to 45 minutes so really versatile. Also mindset – getting up slightly earlier to start the day feeling good."

What have you enjoyed most about your training programme?

"Changing my attitude to nutrition and making time for exercise. Also the support of not only Kirsty but the group as a whole."

What have you enjoyed most about your sessions with Kirsty?

"Being pushed and supported and realising I CAN do it."

What changes have you made to your nutrition and exercise habits?

"Exercise has gone up and enjoyment has increased."

What benefits have you noticed from working with Kirsty?

"Fitness has increased, motivation has increased – wellbeing in mind and body is so much better :)"

What would you say to others that are thinking of hiring Kirsty as their Personal Trainer?

"Do it! She will change your perception on exercise, nutrition and physical and mental well-being – almost without you realising."

Our aim at Fit In Minutes is to provide you with daily exercise solutions, to coach you towards individual success whatever that looks like to you so that you can feel fitter, healthier and know you have a way of fitting exercise into your life.

To book your free consultation and fitness test click on the link above, call us now on 07973 751190 or email We look forward to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Kirsty x

Fit in mind

Fit in body

Fit in your life

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