What Laura learned from Fit In Minutes in one week

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When you make the decision to finally make that change, you know the one that has been in your head for a while but you just weren’t quite ready to put your mind to.

It can be a challenge.

Making the first step is the hardest, your mind will play those tricks on you that make you convinced one minute that you can be fitter, healthier and feel amazing so easily. The next minute you are remembering the last time you tried to get fit, man that hurt, can you do it again?

Can you change those habits?

What about that 3 o’clock cupper and a biscuit every day, you know it’s not helping you reach your goal but can you really give it up?

And the Friday night take away, maybe just one more week?

Laura reached out for some help to make the change she wanted. Here she shares how she felt about her first week as a Fit In Minutes client.

Maybe you can find some inspiration to make that change too?

A week in the life of a Fit in Minutes newbee

Day one

'Before my first session with Kirsty I was excited and anxious. I was excited that I was finally doing something about my weight and fitness, something that had been bothering me for some time. But I was anxious about starting exercise again as I had not done any for about two years. In addition, becoming a mother during that time had changed by body and lifestyle greatly, compared to when I was last doing regular exercise.

Going through my fitness test eased my anxiety completely. I felt energised, motivated and determined to get good scores on my fitness test. I was surprised by how doing simple exercises for a short time could get you so out of breath and work your body so hard!

Kirsty’s manner also helps. She is great at explaining how to approach exercise and changing my lifestyle. She also motivated me and encouraged me to break down challenges into manageable tasks so it’s not so daunting.

Afterwards I felt tired but proud of myself for doing exercise. I had a sense of achievement.'

Day two

Man, every part of me hurts!

Day three

'In my exercise plan I’d agreed to do a 20 minute work out this morning while my daughter was having her morning nap. However the house was a mess, I needed to prepare for dinner and I was desparate for a cup of coffee. This all adds up to me using my spare time to do jobs rather than exercise.

I justified this in my head saying that I would do my work out in the evening after dinner, once my daughter was in bed. But when the time came I was too tired and it didn’t happen. I went to bed feeling guilty and disheartened, especially as I could see from the posts in the group on Facebook that everyone else was doing well and had achieved their goals. I think that the Facebook group probably encourages and motivates other people to achieve their goals. With me it makes me feel guilty if other people are working harder than I am. But I guess whatever prompts me to make the changes I want is good!'

Day four

'I managed my missed work out today and felt much better for it. Chatting with Kirsty through the Facebook group about not achieving my goal yesterday, made me realise that to make regular exercise part of my life, I will need to change some of my priorities. I also realised that some of my reluctance to start my exercise routine was a worry that it would be too hard and a great effort. It’s really useful to be able to contact Kirsty through the Facebook group for advice and information. It means that you can discuss things as they come up rather than having to wait for the next session with her.

After doing my first session at home, I realised that although it was hard, and effort that I’m not used to, I actually enjoyed it! I felt physically tired afterwards but also energised.

I guess that some people benefit from a fixed exercise plan to help organise and motivate them. However I find this definite commitment stressful / too much pressure, especially when faced with unexpected demands in a day. I think I work better with a having weekly commitment of doing a certain amount of exercise, but having the flexibility of doing this whenever it suits me within this week. In my view, the good thing about the Fit in Minutes programme is that it suits both.'

Day 5

'Kirsty asked me to do a food diary for two days so that she could provide me with advice about my diet. I already knew that I ate too much refined carbs and sugar. However talking through my food diary with Kirsty made me realise how many of my meals are just carbs and what little protein I eat. Kirsty explained that the reason I feel hungry much of the time is because I’m not eating regulary enough and I’m not eating enough protein to help me to feel full and fuel my body. Kirsty identified that the main issues are that I’m vegetarian and I live a busy and hectic life in terms of a challenging job and a young daughter, so Im often eating whatever is convenient and accesible, while on the go.

Kirsty gave me an excellent idea about eating Greek yoghurt with fruit, nuts and seeds for breakfast. This is something that I can carry to work with me, eat quickly without much preparation and is good for my body and keeps my full until lunch. I have made this small change and it works!'

Day 6

'I needed to fit in a work out today in the evening after finishing work to meet my quota this week. I really did not feel like it because I was tired and worn out after a long week, but I motivated myself to do it while watching X – Factor. The great thing about Fit in Minutes is that the sessions are short, you can fit them in when ever is good for you and you can do them at home so it doesn’t take up time travelling somewhere. I did the workout and felt pleased with myself afterwards.'

Day 7

'My second session with Kirsty. I have come down with a stinking cold and did not feel up to moving any part of my body, even if you’d paid me too! I explained this to Kirsty but she suggested that she meet me for the session anyway to do some coaching, then see how I felt about the workout. She’s persistant (this is good when you have a tendency to find excuses not to do something!) In the end I felt able to do the workout and did better than I’d expected to. So it was worth it. It makes a big difference having Kirsty’s encouragement.'

What can you achieve in a week?

Could you change the way you feel about exercise, nutrition and about your fitness and be well on your way a week from now?

I love to inspire women just like you to finally make that change, I can help you reach out and take that first step.

By providing you with daily exercise solutions, to coach you towards individual success whatever that looks like to you so that you can feel fitter, healthier and know you have a way of fitting exercise into your life.

Kirsty x

Fit in mind

Fit in body

Fit in your life

p.s. check out my free download – 5 Strategies to get you fit in minutes and you could make one simple change right now, go on you won’t regret it! www.fitinminutes.co.uk

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