Go On, Take A 'Me' Day!

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I did something unusual this weekend, its not something I feel very comfortable doing but my goodness I enjoyed it!

It was something that I know I should do more often but I am really bad at making time for it, there is just too much to do, I have too many other responsibilities.

So to be really honest, I felt a little guilty!

I took a whole day off, one whole day just for me! Imagine that?

I took myself off to my favourite spa and left the to do list behind.

So when was the last time you took a ‘me’ day?

One thing I constantly notice when I meet new clients….and to some extent my existing clients need reminding of this constantly…..is that we are so very very bad a looking after ourselves!

I say this because I can be pretty bad at it myself!

So today I want to talk about the importance of rest.

This comes in two parts – In how much time we take off from exercise to let our muscles grow and how we take time for ourselves in our day to day lives without feeling guilty.

Let’s look at exercise first. When you start a new exercise routine your body can pretty much scream at you that ‘MY GOD THIS HURTS, WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?’ it’s a bit of a shock to the system.

You start off on a really punishing plan and within a day or so your muscles are screaming, sitting down is painful and you never want to do a squat EVER again!

This is truly the point where so many people give up. It just hurts too much right?

Or maybe you are ok with this part but you get to a stage a few weeks in where you are just feeling awful. Tired, lethargic and a little achy.

Is this when you typically give up because you can’t be bothered to work out when you feel like that?

The answer is to take some time to look after yourself.

A change in your exercise habits is basically a stress on the body. In fact at Personal Trainer School we are taught from the outset that if you want to make a change to your body you must place overload on it (stress!). In other words you must pace higher demands on your body in order for it to change.

So if this is the case have a think about how your body will react to that extra stress? And if you really want the benefits that getting fitter will bring, like more energy, a firmer body, fitting in smaller clothes. Then you need to help your body to adapt to these changes.

REST is therefore my secret weapon in making sure you reach your goal.

Oh and by the way, muscle is made and grown when we rest not actually when we are exercising. The changes come - the ones where our bodies get firmer and smaller - after, when we rest and the muscles are given the chance to repair. So if you work out again and again on the same muscles every day, the benefits may not come because you are basically not giving your body the chance to adapt.

So how about you book a rest day? Use it wisely and plan something just for you. It might be dinner at your favourite restaurant, a hot bath, an hour with a good book or anything that makes you feel good and rested.

Let me know what you are planning!

Kirsty xxx

p.s. Don't forget you can download my 5 Strategies to get Fit In Minutes to get more hints and tips to get you started on your fitness journey...

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