Can you change a habit for just one week?


I want to share with you a little challenge that can help you change a habit.

It’s because I know that changing a habit – any habit is hard.

So it’s kind of a challenge to see what you can do…..

What you could change in just one week.

Think about it…..there are probably lots of things in your life you would like to change.

Maybe you would like to be fitter, healthier or to lose weight?

Whatever your health and fitness goal you know that achieving it takes small actions.

Link together lots of small actions and you create great change.

My challenge to you is to pick ONE thing you would like to change and come up with one action that you can take to make it happen.


You may come up with a list of more but for now just pick one.

It could be that you know that eating too much sugar is holding you back from losing weight so your action may be to have NO CHOCOLATE for a week.

Or maybe your energy levels are low and you know that drinking more water would help. Your action could be to DRINK a two litre bottle of water EVERY DAY.

Now you have an action all you need is seven days to try it, commit to this action for a full week and let me know how it feels.

Will it inspire you to make the change for another week? Maybe you will pick another habit for next week?

Kirsty xxx

p.s. add a comment and let me know what your action is, it helps to be accountable to someone and I may just check in a week from now and see how you did!

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