I'd Like To Give You A Pat On The Back!

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Do you like to receive praise?

I do…

….in fact now I think about it I like praise a little too much, I think I may be one of those needy people who like to hear that they are doing a good job all the time!

That is why I love my job and I love the reward that I get when I see results, when I hear someone say, “Thanks for motivating me Kirsty, I wouldn’t have done it without you…”

How about you? Are you able to just motivate yourself to do anything you want because you have amazing will power?

Or do you need someone to say, “You are doing a great job (name)” and hold your hand to make sure you do what you need to do to achieve the result you want?

That’s why I started the Get Fit In Minutes Facebook group. Its great because it means I get to provide somewhere that people can find some motivation to exercise, where they can make a commitment and be accountable which makes me happy because I can see that they are doing what they said they were going to do.

Happy me I’m getting lots of praise from people who are finding the group useful.

Happy members because they get to fit in their exercise when they say they are going to do it and they get a pat on the back from just being in the supportive group.

Do you need that?

You can join us too, we make a declaration on a Monday of our intentions for the week, when we are going to exercise, what we are going to do and what nutritional change we plan to make this week.

And then I check in on a Sunday and see how the week has been.

I know Facebook groups can get a bit annoying, this group is not about clogging up your Facebook feed with loads of drivel, it’s about giving you a place to be accountable and to help you stick to your plan.

That’s if you have a plan for exercise! If not we can help with that too!!!

Me, I’m just in it to make me feel good…..it’s completely free for you.

Grab your place in the group now.

I’m off to read the notes in the group again, just because it makes me feel good.

Kirsty xxx

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