Will That 'FAD DIET' Work For Me?

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This week’s blog has been inspired by a question from one of my clients who asked “I’ve seen this new fad diet, do you think it works?”

We have all done it, you read something, hear something or see some celebrity championing some new diet trend and we ask ourselves the question “should I have a go?” “Does it really work?”

So I thought I would come up with a way of working out for yourself if it’s just a fad or if it is something that could really help you, most are just a gimmick here is how to tell.

Is it based on real actual research?

Ask yourself where is the proof and how was the research conducted? Were people studied, or rodents? Were there 3 subjects in the study or 3,000? Has the research been published in a medical journal and reviewed by peers? Check the details and ask who is paying for the research?

Is it going to provide you with all the nutrients you need to function each day?

Eating the same few items over and over isn’t just boring. It also doesn't give your body what it needs. If a diet rules out obvious components of a healthy regimen, like protein sources, fruits, or vegetables, stay away. Well-balanced eating should be key.

Eating a well-balanced diet should always be your priority, even compromising this for a short period can have an impact on how well your body functions. Only ever go down this route if you have the support of a well-qualified professional.

Women need at least 1,200 calories a day, and men, 1,400. Any less than that, and you may have trouble meeting your nutritional needs. Also, fatigue, constipation, nausea, or vomiting may set in, and lets face it you really don't want that!

How much of the miracle food would you actually need to eat to get the promised result?

Some fad diets just require you to eat x, y or z in the bucket load every day.

Check the research though, how much of this food will actually give you the desired results? If you actually need to eat 75 grapefruits every day to lose weight ask yourself if it is worth it.

I always maintain that eating everything in moderation is the answer, a balance of natural unprocessed food will give you the best chance of sticking to your plan and keep you on track for your health goals.

Can you maintain this as a way of life or will you go back to old habits pretty quick?

If a diet lasts only a certain number of days, or until you reach your weight loss goal, you are probably not learning behaviours to help maintain that loss.

Most people who diet regain their weight back, you need a plan that helps you create realistic meal plans and practice mindful eating. Something that will fit into your life and feel easy to maintain in the long term.

Losing weight faster than 2 pounds a week has a downside. Our bodies are designed to store fat for future use. Losing too much weight too quickly can mean losing muscle mass. That can leave you weak and with a slower metabolism, making it even more difficult to keep off weight.

Reset your expectations for how much weight you'll lose, think about what it means to you – fitting into your clothes more easily is a more realistic measure and you will be more likely to keep it off for good. Exercising and loosing body fat through building muscle is far safer, more enjoyable and will last a lifetime.

Are the testimonials real?

I’m not one for broadcasting before and after pictures, they are really useful for clients to see their progress but we can all look slimmer by: standing up straight, shoulders back, and stomach in; having a good hair day; applying the right make-up; and hiring a professional photographer.

Remember, just because you recognise the actor or actress doesn’t make the product any more reliable. They are now just a little richer and you a little poorer.

To summarise - ditch the diet and focus on good healthy balanced nutrition. Look for foods that will enhance your balanced efforts and always ask yourself the above questions before changing what you eat.

I’m off to make some good honest healthy food, no fads for me!

Kirsty xxx

p.s. I would love to hear your experiences, hit reply and let me know if you have found or are still looking for the answer.

p.p.s. I’m feeling generous, book onto my Fit In 6 Week programme before 31st August and you will receive a post programme follow up session absolutely free.

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