Are You Ready?

Eek! There is only a weeks of the summer holidays left! Can you believe it?

Have you got the school uniform ready?

So how has your summer been? Have you managed to get any exercise in?

It’s been quite in the world of fitness lately, do you know what is the one phrase I hear all too often this time of year?

I’ll tell you in a minute but first I want to ask you a question.

The question is ‘Do you really want to make a change to your lifestyle to become the person you really want to be?’

We all think about getting fit. We think ‘yeah, ok I’ll start doing x, y or z and that will get me fitter’

  • Many new exercise “intenders” will abandon their workout routines within two weeks of starting, and about half will quit within six months

  • 67% of gym members never go

  • 1/3 of people who buy online fitness and health products never even download them.

Which % are you in? The ones who quit or the ones who keep going?

I have some theories about why you may have quit in the past, one reason think fitness intention needs to be accompanied by a goal that speaks to the WHY. Why you want this is truly the one thing that keeps you on track if it is an emotive enough reason.

I also think that exercise needs to FIT in. If it is a chore then the chances are you won’t do it. Make the exercise achievable, break it down into chunks and hey presto you have a plan you can stick to.

That’s why I am launching my Fit In 30 Days programme in September. It starts with bullet-proof goal setting and then in our weekly personal training session we will work on a plan for the week of when you will complete your high intensity 10, 20 and 30 minute workouts. It’s super simple and you can see what my clients think of my methods here.

All the workouts can be completed at home with no equipment necessary.

I have limited spaces available so if you would like to take part drop me an email or connect with me on Facebook now to start the conversation.

Don’t worry if you are outside the Reading area I will be launching on online version of the programme soon, watch this space!

Oh yes, I nearly forgot the one phrase I hear too much this time of year - ‘I’m taking August off!’.

So if you ‘took August off’ what are your plans for next month? Have you thought about how you will get back on track in September? Do you have a plan?

I would love to hear from you so let me know.

I’m off to check my email and see if you are ready to make that change, I can’t wait to hear from you.

Kirsty xx

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