How is your mojo?

Have you ever started a new exercise plan and then faltered after just a few weeks?

Joined a gym and then never or rarely gone?

Do you wish you could get fit and healthy but your brain is telling you that it will never happen so don’t bother?

Today I am going to share with you my secret to solving this problem once and for all.

Because we all have moments when exercise just doesn’t happen for whatever reason.

Believe me I have looked in the mirror and asked myself why the hell I didn’t just stick to it in the first place instead of feeling bad now that there is no change.

The trick is not to freak out, not to use it as an excuse not to try again, the truth is we all have motivation somewhere, we just need to learn to tap into it.

So when faced with that inner voice telling you not to do it, here is what to do…

Goal set like you mean it!

One of the most common reasons people don’t stick to their exercise plan is that they just don’t have a goal.

Or they have a goal but it’s the wrong goal!

So how do you know when the goal is right?

You actually want to achieve it and you take action every day to get it!

Asking yourself WHY? “Why do you want it?” is the single most important question when setting goals.

I once set myself a goal to complete a Tougher Mudder course, you know one of those obstacle courses with a little 20 mile run along the way. Yeah, it will really challenge me I thought! Well yes it probably would!

It was when I asked the question “WHY?” that I realised this was not a good goal for me!

My answer was good enough - “to prove to myself that I was strong enough”.

But when I asked “Why is that important” again I couldn’t come up with a good enough reason!

I realised that there were plenty of other ways for me to prove I am strong.

I tried out that maybe I wanted to show my family I was strong and could do it but really, they don’t need me to do that to see how strong I am!!! And anyway that answer is all about them and not me…I can only control what is about me after all.

There is “ignition”, when the goal is right it ignites you and makes you want it.

So I took up weight training instead! That way I could monitor my progress more regularly and it spoke to my “WHY” far better. Like this:

“Because I want to feel strong.”


“So that I am improving my muscle mass and finally changing my body shape.”


“Because I have always wanted to do it and now have the skills and time to do it right.”


“Because this is what I love and I know it makes me feel energised and healthy”

Keep asking why and it should bring you to your ultimate aim, which for me is feeling good and more energised.

Check in with your values…

This goal by the way also links to my values, the things that underpin my life.

This particular value of mine is Balance. I need balance in my life to feel good and without balanced energy and hormones I will feel off kilter and not at all happy!

To prove it works all you have to do is ask the opposite question of your values…


So for me if the value is balance then the question is:

How do I feel balanced?

"By keeping fit healthy and strong….."

There it is right there and guess what?

I have never entered an endurance race that is more than 5k.

I have however managed to up early nearly every weekday morning for the last two months and strength train.

I rest my case ;)

This is the essence of what I teach my clients very early in their fitness journey.

Think about your why, I would really love to hear if your goal stacks up.

Kirsty xx

p.s. I have space on my coaching programme designed to help you find your motivation to exercise, get in touch if you would like to explore your Why and How a little further.

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