Is it just an excuse?

Last week in my blog we looked at barriers and the things that get in our way.

We talked walls and roadblock and what to do to change them into a positive action instead of letting them stop us.

If you missed it you can look back at it here.

The problem is that sometimes this doesn’t work.

I’ll be honest sometimes those barriers that sit on the page when we write them down, they just won’t turn into a positive action, it doesn’t matter how many times you write a goal down to change it into an action instead of a barrier its actually still there getting in the way.

You want to know why?

Could it be that the barrier is just too big?

Could it be that the action required to change it is just too hard?

Maybe it is because there is just too big a gap between where you are now and where you need to be to change it?


My guess is actually it’s just an excuse.

Sorry I know that’s not what you want to hear, but yep it’s possible that you are making excuses!

We all do it and probably do it without actually realising it.

So if you took my advice and last week you wrote a list of all the things that are getting in your way, go back now a take a look at it.

Because if there is something on that list that you just haven’t done anything to change, or if there is something that has been holding you back for a really long time.

Ask yourself if it’s just an excuse, because sometimes it is easier to stay where you are in your comfort zone and not make that change than it is to step into the unknown and do something that might just make you feel uncomfortable.

The change may be just too much.

How many people do you know that are committed to pursuing their goals and are relentless in doing so?

My bet is that if you are honest, you will know very few people who really fit this description. If you want to be like these people, you need to avoid making excuses and take action.

First start by asking yourself – Has there has ever been a time in the past when you have achieve the goal you are aiming for now?

So for example if your barrier is that you just can’t make time and you know that to change this you just need to commit to certain times of the week that are just for exercise.

Think about the last time you were regularly exercising, did you find a way to fit it in?

What is different this time? Is there any real reason why you can’t do it again?

Ultimately if you want to stop making excuses you need to give yourself more reasons to do this than you have reasons to not.

If your list of reasons not to do it outweighs your reasons to do it you may need to re-evaluate the goal and make sure it’s the right one for now.

So go on, stop making excuses and get on with it! If you have done it before you CAN do it again.

I’m not letting anything get in my way this week so watch out! No excuses!

Kirsty xx

p.s. If you like this you can download more free tips to help you get fit and healthy and finally meet your goals here.

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