My Embarrassing Gym Story...

Last week I talked in my blog about all the things that terrify and scare us about exercising and how they can really put you off doing any exercise at all.

You can read all about it here if you missed it.

Today I want to share a story with you about why I have slowly over the years developed a distinct dislike for gyms!

Yes, I know I am a Personal Trainer and I am supposed to love them.

And I do love training, but to be honest I really don’t like gyms.

It’s the reason that I developed my programme to get women just like you motivated to work out in their own homes so you can eliminate the terror that for many goes with attending fitness classes and particularly going to gyms.

So it was about 20 years ago and I was attending my first gym induction at what was possibly the first gym I ever walked into.

I had joined with my friend and we were doing well to get this far. The induction was with both of us and the instructor was taking us around the different machines and showing us what to do.

I must have drifted off and stopped paying attention.

I suspect because I remember feeling a little overwhelmed and intimidated by the big group of lads around the same age as me larking about in the weights section.

‘Your turn then Kirsty’ says the bubbly instructor.

I look at the machine in front of me in horror as I hadn’t been listening or watching.

Not wanting to lose face I decide to sit on it and then get him to show me again how to use it.

I sit down and smile up at my friend and the instructor who both burst into laughter!

‘You might want to try it with your legs pointing the other way’ suggests the instructor to my complete humiliation!

I was mortified, I felt like a fool and completely ridiculous.

So began the self-conscious feelings that have plagued me whenever I've walked into gym since.

I obviously overcame these feelings over the years but there is something about being in a gym that just makes me feel like I am being watched.

Maybe it is all those mirrors?

Whatever it is I know it is completely irrational but about 10 years later when I had become a gym instructor (of all things!) I was working out in a small hotel gym doing some sit-ups on a Swissball when the only other person in the gym came up to me to point out that I was doing it all wrong.

He turned out to be an instructor but again I felt like a fool, what else could I possibly be doing wrong?

It did put me off gyms for a while and when I eventually started training as a personal trainer it made me super keen on nailing technique so I guess a good lesson.

It also made me keen to find other ways of being fit and healthy without having to go in a gym and it makes me keen to work with other women who have had similar experiences.

Oh yes, and I now never, ever make my clients do sit ups – too many ways that exercise can go wrong!

What’s your embarrassing gym story? I’d love to hear it…

You can drop me a quick reply if you like and share it. I promise not to laugh.

I offer a free no-obligation consultation if you would like to know how I can help you overcome your fitness fears.

I’m off to practice some exercise techniques. Speak soon.

Kirsty xx

p.s. Look out for my online programmes coming soon too, who knows how fit you could get working with me in your own home where even I can’t see what you look like!

p.p.s If you want to know some of the tips I used to overcome these hang ups you can download my free guide and email programme here.

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