It was a miracle....until it all went wrong!

Back in June I was about to turn 40 and to be honest I was really fired up, I knew what my goals were, I was focussed and on plan.

I read a book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and it reminded me that we choose our mind set.

Before I read the book my mind set was – I’m tired, I don’t have enough time and I need more sleep.

I realised this was engrained as a belief but I knew that other people could get up early every day and just get on with it.

So I wondered what it was that made me hit the snooze button every morning and sleep until the actual last minute that I could possibly get away with.

Even more I wondered if I could be a ”morning person”, could I possible change the way I have always lived my life and get up early?

For the next couple of months I got up between 5.30am and 6.00am, I managed most days, between 5 and 6 each week and gave myself Sundays off.

This is what I learned:

I can actually do it when I put my mind to it

I felt no more tired than I usually would getting up after pressing the snooze button several times

That small snippet of time before the children get up can be the most productive time of the day

I was more positive and more energised than I have been in years

My stress levels reduced because I had more time to deal with everything

I couldn’t keep it up for longer than a couple of months

The longer time went on the more often I pressed the snooze button until I am now at the point where every morning the alarm on my phone goes off at 5.30am…..

I get out of bed to turn it off – because it is on the other side of the room so I have to get out of bed.

I press snooze.

I get right back into bed and continue to press snooze sometimes for another hour or more.

So what went wrong? Life? The weather? The change in season?

I think for me it comes back to mind set.

It wasn’t a priority any more.

I went off track.

I forgot about the plan.

I lost focus.

As we get busy we get off track, we revert back to old habits and often it means that we don’t reach our goals.

It’s a valuable lesson that I have learned and today I am pledging to get back on track.

Tomorrow I will be up at the crack of dawn and I will do it every day.

This time I am giving myself until Christmas because I know that Christmas will throw me off track.

But that’s ok, what better time to re-set my goals than January?

What health and fitness goals have you set yourself this year? Have you managed to stay focussed for as long as it needs to achieve them? Or is it time to re-evaluate?

Goals are easiest to achieve if you break them down into manageable chunks, make the deadlines close and then re-evaluate the goal and look at what you need to do next.

What small thing could you achieve in the next six weeks?

Send me an email or use the Facebook group to share your goals, making the goal public may be what you need to make it happen.

Maybe that’s why I wrote this blog.

Now, where is that old alarm clock I need to try something different….

Kirsty xx

p.s. and I would definitely recommend you read Hal Elrod’s book, it’s very inspirational!

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