My 3 Step Plan to avoiding Christmas guilt

Oh my goodness! Did you see it?

There are two things on my mind this week – well I am categorising them into two things but actually each is pretty massive and so therefore contains sub sections of thousands of other things….

I’ll get to the second in a minute but the first has actually blown me away!

I launched my Wheel of Health this week.

Thank you if you downloaded it.

I am so pleased that so many people have signed up to the email series and I am really excited that I can help you use this tool to get super focussed and ready for the new year!

If you missed it you can sign up here for my free Wheel of Health and guide to setting fool proof goals in every area of your health and fitness.

I really wasn’t sure if I should release it, as it forms the first part of my coaching programme.

I am so glad that I did because it gives you an insight to the programme and how it works.

And I really hope you find it useful – do let me know!

So the second thing that is on my mind is probably on your mind too.

And if you are anything like me is it causing a little panic, you know that kind of overwhelming feeling that takes hold of you whenever you think about it.

Does that happen to you too?

Because I am so overwhelmed by Christmas right now that I am not really sure if I can cope.

The exercise regime has slipped.

There is chocolate in the house (already!!!)

I am so behind in the preparation I am feeling exhausted just thinking about it!

So what can we do?

Well first we can take a collective deep breath (that’s better right?) because we are all in this together.

And all we need is a plan….

I can’t I’m afraid offer you any help with the Christmas shopping or the preparation.

What I can do is give you a little help to get over that guilty feeling you get when you eat too much of the wrong stuff and miss your usual exercise class.

Because really if you think about it the time between New Year and Christmas is far more important than the time between Christmas and New Year.

If you exercise and eat well most of the year this next few weeks won’t make any difference to your overall results because the body will re-adjust when you get back to your usual habits.

If you feel guilty for not doing as much this year as you would have liked and not achieving anything near what you had hoped, again the next few weeks won’t actually make any difference.

What you need to do is set your expectations for the festive period and be realistic about what exercise you can fit in.

Because routine just when out the window.

Here is my 3 step plan, I think it will help:

Step 1

Decide what you can do and what you can’t.

Commit to doing something every day even if that is a short workout at home rather than your usual class. Or a long walk with the family is a good way of combining seeing the people you love and still being active.

A walk, a dance a few squats, anything that gets you moving will help you feel better, even more so if it’s in the fresh air.

Step 2

Sign up for something in the New Year, if that is a new exercise class, working with a Personal Trainer or an online exercise programme that takes your fancy. Maybe ask family to pitch in for a Christmas present.

Just knowing that you have it planned will help you feel better about having some time off.

Step 3

Let go of the nutrition worries.

If you feel guilty about every mince pie and count every calorie you will just feel bad and most likely you will end up eating more because you feel bad!

Tell yourself that you can enjoy x amount of mince pies or chocolates or wine and then limit having any more.

That way you feel good for stopping and not guilty for having had it in the first place.

Who wants a Christmas without the treats anyway?

Let me know what you will do to keep yourself on track this Christmas and enjoy every moment!

I’m off to finish some wrapping.

Speak soon.

Kirsty xx

P.S. The 12 days of Christmas challenge is going brilliantly in our Facebook group, if you want a really short workout you can do over the festive period head over to the group to access the video’s. I’ll look out for you :)

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