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Can’t be bothered to work out today? Lost your workout mojo?

Is it one of those days today where everything seems insurmountable? When dejection hits and you can’t quite see how you will get your mojo back?

We all have days like that, I certainly have times when my motivation hits the floor and all I want to do is curl up for the day, it’s on these days that we need a strategy, a way of getting back on top and fast.

It has been just like that for me lately, a general fog has appeared and I have found it harder to motivate myself to eat well and exercise to my usual capacity.

As the days go on my motivation to exercise gets worse and it then feels harder to get back to it.

It’s all in the mind you know, there could be a million reasons for feeling off par or none at all. There are also lots of ways to get out of the fog if you put your mind to it.

If you look after yourself the foggy days should be just a passing blip that you can snap out of so bear in mind that if you regularly exercise, eat well and everything else is in check, it is possible focusing your attention on improving your mindset will help you reach where you want to be a little bit quicker.

Focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t.

I have taken to asking myself a set of questions to re-focus and get myself back on track, here they are to help you the next time you just really can’t be bothered….think of it as a little button to press in case emergency mojo regeneration is required!

Let me know if they help you clear the fog too!

Who do you want to be?

Think about the fit healthy you, what does that person look like how does she feel?

What is stopping you from being her right now?

List anything that is getting in your way, for each negative point you list, cross it out and replace it with what you want instead. i.e. “I have no time today” becomes “I can make 10 minutes today”.

What excuse do you have to not exercise today?

If the answer is illness or injury rest today until you feel better or opt for a gentler form of exercise like yoga or a walk in the fresh air.

How often do you need to work out in order to reach your fitness goals? Are you on track to meet that goal today?

If the answer is No — go work out now! If the answer is yes, take a rest today and get back to it tomorrow when you have worked on your mindset.

How will you feel after you have exercised?

Name 3 positive feelings you have as a result of exercising, this is where you want your focus to be!

Now go do it, and feel better….

Kirsty xx

p.s. if you liked the 10 minutes of exercise a day challenge taking place in my Facebook group stick around there is a nutrition challenge coming up. Lets make some changes and see if eating better can make us feel better one little step at a time.

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