Fancy a Challenge?

Ten minutes exercise a day for 10 days.

A FREE workout every day for 10 days.

To kick off 2016 and to help get rid of all that over indulgence from the festive season, I have an exciting challenge for you.

Over the course of 10 days I’m rounding up as many people as possible to join me online to perform a total of 10 workouts.

You can change your exercise habits right now and focus on a workout you can do at home every day for 10 days.

No equipment required just follow the workout posted for you every day.

How it Works

Starting Monday 4th Jan 2015 I will be posting a new 10 minute workout on our closed Facebook group every day.

Each day you post to say how you have got on with the workout, support others in the group and pick up loads of free exercise tips and information.

We continue to complete the daily workouts until the last workout on Wednesday 13th January.

What You Need to Do To Join In

Join the Facebook group

Share this blog with your friends so they can join in too (its always more fun to do this with a friend!)

Do the workout posted each day

Post on the facebook page when you are done!

The closed Facebook group is the only place you will get your free workout every day, you will also have access to exercise tips, information and support from everyone else in the group.

I'm off to get your workouts ready! Make sure you dig out your workout mat and I will see you there.

Kirsty xx

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