What's your exercise fear?

What stops you from being the fit healthy you that you want to be?

Fear of change is very real. It can stop us moving forward and stop us getting what we want.


Because sometimes the unknown is so much harder to contemplate than the known.

This is why so many of us resist change.

Resist trying something new, resist making the changes we know will make us feel amazing.

I have noticed this in a few clients, they say they want change.

They even enlist my help.

Then they get started but there is something holding them back.

They don’t quite stick to the plan.

They make excuses.

And the change doesn’t happen.

But why?

Then there are those that haven’t quite got to the point where they are ready to enlist my help.

The change is still too much to contemplate.

Exercise is supposed to help with stress relief, even eating well is good for our stress levels.

So it is quite ironic that for some exercise is the one thing that is set to make stress levels rise.

So what are you afraid of?

Most of us know that exercise makes us feel good, when we eat well we know we feel good too.

There are so many great excuses to not do it but if the excuse is more like a fear, a fear of not achieving your goal, a fear of what people will say if we change, a fear that it might actually be quite painful.

That’s when you need to ask yourself if the fear is strong enough to stop you?

And if it is do you want to change enough to find a way to get around your fear?

Sometimes you just need to take yourself out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes you need to tackle the fear head on and get over the first hurdle.

The fear is usually very individual and the solution more so.

A combination of Personal Training and Coaching can help you find the support you need to make a lasting change.

It is always specific to you and the best way forward is just as individual.

By looking at your mind and body together, you can feel great and stay that way.

If you want to find out more make sure you hit reply and get in touch.

Have a great weekend.

Kirsty xx

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