Are You Consistent?

You start off with masses of enthusiasm.

You exercise at least 3 times a week.

You are feeling good.

The food choices you have made in the last few weeks have frankly contained a years’ worth of your usual vegetable intake.

You are on it!

Or are you?

Life starts to set in, there is only so long you can focus on this being healthy stuff right?

One workout slips and then another and then there was that packet of crisps, the chocolate and the take away because you were too tired.

And the longer you go between workouts the harder it is to convince yourself that you want to.

It gets harder every time you have to re-start.

There is another way.

You could build consistency into your workouts and your eating habits, you could just make those changes stick.

There are just a few things you can do to make sure you don’t fall into the trap of losing consistency.

Here’s how, it’s not as complicated as it may seem, it is really very very simple!

1) Choose your aim

Simply decide on what you are working towards, make sure it is the right aim by checking your why – why do I want this? Why is that important to me?

2) Decide on your action

There will be many steps you can take to achieve your aim, you just need to decide on which will be your first action.

3) Check you will actually do it

Think about the action you have identified and ask yourself where you are on scale of 1-10. A score of one means you are really very very unlikely to actually do it and 10 means you have probably already done something towards it as it is really important and seems easy.

If your score is seven or under revise it, you really want to be above an eight so you need to break the action down into more manageable and appealing chunks.

What matters most is that you take a step towards your goal, tiny tiny steps get you started on the next action and each action takes you closer to your goal.

An example may be if you set out to work out every day for the next week, you ask yourself how likely this is on the scale and only score a 6, realistically you know that you just might not manage it.

You need to revise the action to make sure you can manage it, ask yourself if three times this week may be more manageable, if that brings the score up to 8 or nine great, if you’re not there yet bring it down to two long workouts and one 10 minute quickie.

This way you have set an action that you really will commit to. You will likely stick to it the next week too.

Consistency comes when we take small actions one after the other regularly so all you really need to do is check in every week and set yourself a new action.

Join us in the group every Monday for a little dose of accountability and you never know, a few weeks from now you may have achieved a few weeks of consistent effort and already see the results.

Let me know when you do.

Kirsty xxx

p.s. I currently have one daytime and one evening slot available, contact me if you would like to know more about working with me on a one to one.

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