No time to workout? Try this...

There is one answer that comes up more than anything else when I ask this question:

“What stops you from exercising?”

It is actually reason I called my business Fit In Minutes because it is the one thing that I struggled with too.

It’s TIME.

But the funny thing about time is that we can actually control how we use it.

And once you start exercising it is usually one excuse we can overcome.

In truth to reach certain goals, yes you may need to invest lots of time in your training but to just feel better, to just get started. You really don’t need much time at all.

And if you fall off track with your usual schedule, you know when life gets busy and you run out of time. When the thought of finding more time to get back on track and fit in an hour’s workout feels too much, that’s when you really should think about what time you do have.

And use it wisely.

That’s why today I am sharing this fab little infographic from Precision Nutrition.

It includes a really nice 10 minute workout you can do anywhere with little or no equipment.

Because really, you can find 10 minutes right?

Start with 10 minutes and soon you will be ready to up your game, you may surprise yourself and find that you can make time.

Maybe that’s because your energy levels are better and you want to exercise more.

Maybe that’s because if you can find 10 minutes in your day, then why not 20?

Just starting somewhere can motivate you to do more and more.

Let me know when you have tried it.

Kirsty xx

p.s. I have limited Personal Training spots available one evening slot only and one daytime, if you want one be quick, I’m about to launch my summer offer and the slots may not be there in a week or so! Contact me.

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