Looking Good?

I am always a little cautious about marketing body transformations.

And really I would say that I don’t have any clients for which dramatically changing body shape is their number one priority.

Is that strange?

Because whenever I look for help with marketing my services I am constantly told that the best marketing strategies at this time of year are to ‘get bikini ready’.

I tend to focus clients more on feeling good and long term change, body transformation is really just a result of those changes right?

Now I’m left this week feeling a little confused with myself.

I am catching myself stopping to look at those body transformation adverts.

And on more than one occasion lately I have told someone that I am training hard and have re-vamped my training programme and nutrition.

Because guess what?

I am going on holiday in nine weeks’ time and I want to be bikini ready!

For the first time in a long time I want to feel confident by the pool and look good.

So I get it….

The summer holiday is a powerful incentive.

Looking great for it is something we all secretly or openly would like to achieve.

Feeling good about the way we look is definitely an important part of our overall health and well-being.

Is it the same for you?

What is really more important? Looking great or feeling great?

Or maybe the two go hand in hand?

Today I have an offer for you.

Email me to tell me you want to get bikini ready too and I’ll give you your first personal training session free.

These journeys are always better when you are in it together right?

Let’s countdown to our holiday together and see if you can look and feel better for it too.

Kirsty xx

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