Fitness for busy women in just 10, 20 or 30 minutes a day.  How much time have you got?

Do you struggle to fit exercise into your daily life?


Finding 3 hours or more a week to fit in traditional personal training can seem daunting so I would like to introduce you to an alternative way. 


Having a personal trainer will give you amazing results and can greatly increases your chances of success so that you reach your goal.


Do you regulaly make the excuse that you have no time to exercise?


Perhaps you are a busy woman with a successful career and you don’t have 3 hours a week to give to a Personal Trainer.


Perhaps you travel a lot or maybe you have a family to consider and you want to be at home every night to put your children to bed.


I believe that with the tools to motivate yourself, excellent high intensity workouts that are simple enough to do anywhere and daily support, you can achieve the results you really want.

If you: 


  • Have tried all the diets and got nowhere 

  • Are fed up with starting a new health kick and giving up 

  • Step on the scales every day and want another way to track your progress

  • Know that you want to feel better about yourself but don't know where to start

  • Want a way to feel fitter and healthier that also makes you feel happy, motivated and focused





I believe that being fit and healthy starts with what is going on in your head. 


I believe that with my simple step by step programme you can make steady changes to your life that will stay with you forever.


This is not a quick fix.


It is a new begining.


I am a coach first and a personal trainer second. My coaching programmes are not for everyone so if you want someone to come to your house three times a week and kick you into shape, I am probably not the person to help you.


I can help you if: 


  • You want to make a change that is consistent 

  • You are willing to work hard on yourself to make each change one step at a time

  • You are open to learning new ways to improve your performance

  • You are able to commit at least 10 minutes a day to working towards the you that you want to be