Measure Your Fitness Success Without Scales

I have blogged in the past about why I think we should all ditch the scales and why I think that weight is the wrong way to measure fitness success.

Measuring your weight can be so demotivating and it can put a real downer on your day.

It’s because it is not a realistic measure of your progress.

I see so many clients that have lost inches, feel better, have more energy, sleep better and can do way more exercise than they could months before. Most of these clients all see little or no change on the scales.

Generally when I work with clients the last thing we measure is actually weight.

I have a much better way.

It’s far more motivating and positive and it is all about measuring success rather than focussing on what is not likely to significantly change.

I would really like to share this way of measuring success with you.

It really is the simplest thing you have ever tried!

What we do is look at each area of fitness.

Because fitness is so much more than weight.

We look at how much exercise you are doing.

We look at what you eat and when.

We look at how much sleep you get.

How much water you drink.

We look at how you cope with stress.

How your energy levels are.

What you think about your body and how much you believe that you can actually be the fit healthy you that you want to be.

If you could score yourself now in each of these areas would you be satisfied with the scores?

You see if you have a score for each of these areas it then becomes so easy to set yourself goals and to be clear about what you need to do to be fitter and healthier.

So much more motivating than stepping on the scales every morning to see if that dial has moved.

I call it my Wheel of Health and you can download it now.

You will get the wheel to score along with a series of emails to help you set goals in each area. One at a time.

It’s free and I hope that you love it as much as my clients do.

Personally I am currently working on the stress area of my wheel, being December I am focusing on what I can do to stay on top of things. Where will you start?

Kirsty xx

p.s. Have you got involved in my 12 Days of Christmas workout? It’s only a few minutes of exercise a day for 12 days and you can join us at any time, it could be the answer to making sure you get a little exercise in what can be a really busy month….I’ll look out for your request to join the group.

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