One Step Is All You Need

Step by step.

One step at a time.

Bit by bit.

One foot in front of the other.

All simple advice.

So why do we all ignore it sometimes?

You know you do too.

We expect to be able to do it ALL at once.

We want to feel fitter and healthier so we cut out sugar, carbs, fat, dairy, gluten and the rest then we wonder why we only made it through the first week.

We want to feel fitter and healthier so we hit the gym four times a week, hard. Then we wonder why we have a cold and feel rubbish and can’t make it to the gym at all three weeks in.


If you take smaller steps, one at a time, bit by bit what could be different?

If you were to just focus on one thing, like replacing the sugary syrup filled daily latte with a peppermint tea, or starting with a commitment of one trip to the gym a week and a walk every day would feeling fitter and healthier feel a little bit more manageable?

We are used to getting results instantly, slimming shakes, extreme diets, suck me in pants, shred the fat full on workouts, be honest you have considered and possibly even tried these options right?

And if you have tried any diet, meal replacements or quick fix plan you will know that it takes some commitment and some great effort to keep up.

To me there is a big difference between wanting to slim down for a holiday or a Christmas do and wanting to feel fit and healthy.

Feeling fit and healthy may take more time, that’s true but throwing yourself into it full on a few times a year just to look good takes its toll on your body.

Imagine with some consistent daily actions one at a time what could be different a year from now.

No more slimming for the next do.

No more throwing yourself into doing it all and ending up feeling rubbish.

Just one small step at a time.

Bit by bit.

Slowly does it.

Next Christmas you could look as fit and healthy as you feel.

Kirsty xx

P.S. If you want to work like this on consistent daily actions you can download my daily tracker here.

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