If you want to change, just do it...

Personal Trainers are in the business of change.

We see it every day.

People who want to be different for so many reasons.

Change: To make or become different.

If you ask any of your female friends they will surely tell you a list of things they

would like to change about themselves.

Bigger this, smaller that.

It is hard to be satisfied with ourselves when there are so many outside influences telling us to be a certain way.

In truth you know that you shouldn’t want to be any different, you are perfect as you are right?

Most of my clients work with me because I tend to focus more on the things that make you want to live longer, feel fitter and have more energy than the business of changing aesthetics.

Really though they do go hand in hand to some extent.

If you want to make changes to your health and fitness, to be a better version of yourself you don’t have to focus on how you look.

Try to focus on how you feel instead.

And if that makes sense to you I have a challenge for you this week.

If you are up for it?

Simple stuff because being fit and healthy should be simple.

I challenge you to change something this week.

Just one thing.

One thing you know you should do better but you are apprehensive about changing.

Something that makes you feel fitter and healthier.

Once you have decided what it is you want to change, set yourself an action you can

do every day to make it happen.

Tell yourself you will start tomorrow (why put it off any longer?). Commit and just get on with it.

And if you are one of those that have already downloaded The Consistency Project, and haven’t started yet, consider this you opportunity to set the date to get started, don’t wait any longer, tasks get more complicated the longer we put them off.

The sooner you get started the easier it will be.

Have a great week and check in to share how you are getting on.

I’m off to get started on making just a little very simple change.

Kirsty xx

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